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I’m Nicole, a NYC based Post Producer of all the things for Film, Television and Commercials. My background is firmly based in VFX so I love to geek out on lighting/rendering but I’m also happy to coordinate an edit or color session. I’m all about bringing together all the pieces of post production and making them work to tell great stories.

I also love fat cats, travel and photography – probably in that order : )

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Third Trimester in the Mojave Desert

If you had told me when I got pregnant that I would be spending the first day of my third trimester on a car commercial shoot in the middle of the Mojave Desert in California I would have laughed and said ‘who would do that?!’ But life being the crazy ride (car pun partially intended?)…

The Dead Don’t Die

For Jim Jarmusch’s latest film “The Dead Don’t Die” I had the immense pleasure of working as VFX Producer on the film. Working alongside VFX Supervisor Sam O’Hare and our colleagues from Sweden, Andreas Hylander and Alex Hansson we were involved in the entire process from location scout to delivery. On set we used 3D…

Post Covid-19 Producing

One of my favorite parts of producing is working with the team. VFX Artists, Colorists, Directors, Editors – it’s that collaboration and real-time problem solving that I’ve found the most rewarding. Then Covid-19 happened. Luckily our team was able to get up and running remotely fairly quickly. VFX generally requires some remote logging in anyways…

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Visual storytelling has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Even before I understood things like 3D and Compositing I was using the tools I had growing up to create VFX shots and edit together short films. Read more

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