The Dead Don’t Die

For Jim Jarmusch’s latest film “The Dead Don’t Die” I had the immense pleasure of working as VFX Producer on the film. Working alongside VFX Supervisor Sam O’Hare and our colleagues from Sweden, Andreas Hylander and Alex Hansson we were involved in the entire process from location scout to delivery.

On set we used 3D scanning to capture the zombies that we were decapitating in order to reproduce their heads (and make them fly wherever we wanted) in post. We also used LIDAR for environment scanning, which helped make tracking and overall scene accuracy much easier. Jim and his team were a lot of fun to work with, it was really a very collaborative process. I was also producer for the online / delivery so I was able to help tie together all the pieces of post from start to finish on the project.

VFX Breakdown

Zombies go to Cannes!